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Dr Nathan Schramm

Nathan Schramm

Dr. Nathan Schramm, OD, CNS has become a leading authority on ocular nutrition and scleral contact lenses. Dr. Schramm graduated from Nova Southeastern University and completed his optometric rotations at Tianjin Eye Hospital in China as well as several optometry/ophthalmology clinics in Jacksonville, FL.


He holds a bachelor's degree from both Rutgers University in New Jersey and Nova Southeastern in Fort Lauderdale, FL. He was awarded one of Nova's top honors, the Presidential Award 'for high ideals and moral ethics.'


Originally from New Jersey, he travelled extensively while his parents were in the military; consequently, he is comfortable with and communicates well with people from all parts of the world. He learned to speak conversational Spanish and Portuguese and also some Chinese.

Dr. Schramm is an accomplished writer, educator, lecturer, and radio personality. He previously was a contributing author and co-editor of journal and magazine articles. He has written for Healthy Living Magazine, VLIFE, and Natural Awakenings. Dr. Schramm has taught other doctors about nutrition and scleral lenses in China and throughout the United States at various optometry and ophthalmology conventions. He has been a frequent guest on Dr. Michael Lange's radio show, Ask the Doctor, and has appeared on the television show, Leading Experts.

His charitable contributions include service as a medical missionary for the underserved in Peru and Trinidad. He earned the title of CNS, Certified Nutritional Specialist, through the American College of Nutrition, and is a member of both the American Society for Nutrition and the Ocular Nutrition Society. Dr. Schramm says, 'Nothing gives me more satisfaction than seeing my patient's vision improving, especially when they were told by other doctors that there was no chance for improvement. I am not a miracle worker. I just try to educate my patients in what their body needs and their body hopefully takes care of the rest. When the proper nutritional foundation is in place amazing things can happen.'

Building 'healthy eyes through proper nutrition' is not guess work for Dr. Schramm. He utilizes intracellular blood testing to determine nutritional deficiencies of over thirty different vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. He also uses a DNA test on his patients to make a supplement specific to his or her genetic profile. DNA testing, intracellular blood tests, and lipid profiles are especially important for macular degeneration and glaucoma patients.

In addition to his doctorate in optometry, he also worked as a personal trainer and held certifications with the American Council on Exercise and sports nutrition counseling. In the evenings, Dr. Schramm walks his dogs, works out and practices yoga.